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Christmas Land (Hallmark Movie)

I don't think I've yet shared with you my love of Hallmark Movies.  I love a good Hallmark Christmas movie.  I can watch a Christmas movie in the winter or the summer; Christmas in December or Christmas in July.  Doesn't matter.  I watched this movie in the Spring and saved the review for closer to Christmas.  Christmas Land stars Luke Macfarlane and Nikki DeLoach.  I previously saw Luke Macfarlane in the Hallmark Movie and Mystery, The Memory Book (the library has it on DVD), and that was a decent movie.  It seems Macfarlane has recently become the darling of Hallmark movies because he's done a Hallmark movie a year since 2014 (and I have thus far seen two of them), and that's fine by me.

When Jules, a high powered something something executive in the big city (something to do with social media campaigns or some such), inherits her grandmother's house, land, and the Christmas themed attraction that occupies that land, Jules returns to the small town she hasn&…
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Special Announcement

All month long we've been building to a special announcement here on the blog in celebration of our ten year anniversary.  And now this announcement is here: we're moving!  That's right "A Series of (Un)Fortunate Reviews" is moving to a new blogging platform and getting a new URL.  This is something I've often thought about doing, and the decade anniversary is the perfect time for a new start!

What does this mean for the blog?  It means that today's post is the last new post that will go live here on  After today all new content will be posted on the new platform.  Don't worry--this blog will remain on Blogger for the foreseeable future to ensure that our readers will find us at our new home.  However, all this blog's content has been migrated to the new blog platform, so you will also be able to access our back catalog at the new blog.

Where are we moving?  We're breaking up with Blogger and moving to WordPress!…

10 Year Retrospective

Before we roll out the extra special surprise next week, let's take a look back on the top viewed reviews.  It's no surprise that the reviews that have the most page views over the life of the blog are all book reviews.  We'll take a look at the top viewed one or two DVD reviews too at the end.  But first we'll count down the top viewed book reviews.   In honor of our tenth anniversary, we'll re-visit the top ten most viewed book reviews starting with the tenth most viewed post and so on.  All reviews will be linked so if one piques your interest, please click the link to read the full review.

10.  Shock Wave by John Sandford is the fifth novel in the Virgil Flowers series.   Flowers is the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension's best agent, and he solves his cases by digging up as much information as he can about the major players connected to the case at hand.  I've reviewed all the Virgil Flowers novels thus far in the series; these novels are alway…

Broadchurch: Season 2 (DVD)

I reviewed the first season of Broadchurch at the end of August.  Each season runs eight episodes long.  In addition to the primary players who return from last season, some powerhouse actors join the cast for the second season.  Marianne Jean-Baptist and Charlotte Rampling join the cast as defense counsel and prosecuting attorney respectively and Eve Myles and James D'Arcy play pivotal roles as the main suspects in the Sandbrook case.  The third season will be released on DVD in September.  I'm not sure how season three and its respective review will go down.  These two reviews had the advantage of being written upon the second viewing of both seasons.  I won't see the third season until I get the DVD.

Where we left off at the end of season one: The arrest and charging of Joe Miller, husband of D.S. Ellie Miller, as the confessed murderer of Daniel Latimer sent shock waves through Broadchurch and shattered the Miller and Latimer families.

The second season picks up sever…

Ten Year Anniversary Special: By the numbers

We're celebrating the blog's ten year anniversary all month long, and this week we're taking a look at some raw numbers.  Last week's anniversary post was timed to go live to the day on the ten year anniversary of the very first post on "A Series of (Un)Fortunate Reviews."  But ten years today the first reviews were posted to the blog!

I took a look at some raw data recently to tally up the number of posts and reviews broken down by format.  Content posted up to September 5, 2017, was included in the tallies.  There were also a few posts that were single posts that contained reviews for two different titles.  In these cases each of those reviews was tallied separately for the review numbers.  So if you add up reviews, and it comes to a couple more than the total number of posts, this is why.  Now.  Let's take a look at the numbers!

Over the past ten years this blog has posted 422 posts.  More recently I've made an effort to post a new review once a w…