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The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry

The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry is an engrossing story that sucks you right in to it and by the end of the story the reader finds out just how "unreliable" the narrator really is.

The novel takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, the town of seventeenth century witch-hunt infamy. The town itself really acts as another character in the story because it is the nature of the town's history that influences the events and characters of the story. Ultimately this is the tale of the deadly destruction of a family by one man, who is an extremely dangerous and cunning alcoholic, abuser and psychopath. It is also the story of one young woman's journey toward mental and emotional healing.
When her beloved great-aunt goes missing, Towner Whitney returns home after a self-imposed fifteen year exile. Towner comes from a family of lace readers--women who can read others' fortunes in the patterns of lace--and is herself a very gifted lace reader. Towner refuses to use her gifts of …

The Brothers' Bond Trilogy by Linda Goodnight

This is a review of a trilogy called The Brothers' Bond written by Linda Goodnight. The titles in the trilogy are A Season For Grace, A Touch of Grace and The Heart of Grace.

The trilogy tells the tale of three brothers who have been separated as boys by social services because of family issues and when the brothers are adults, it is about their journey toward healing and reuniting with each other. Each book focuses on one of the brothers. This series is very captivating and exciting. I could hardly wait to start the next book, and it didn't take long to finish all three books. I recommend this series. You can find these books at the Matthews Public Library in the Young Adult fiction section located along the back wall downstairs. Check them out the next time you're in the library!
--Review written by Ms. Kathy; posted by Ms. Angie