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There's No Place Like Here by Cecelia Ahern

"You see, there's nothing funny about being missing. I also quickly realized there's little difference between being missing and looking for the missing: every day I search. Same as I did when I was working. Only this time I search for a way back to be found.

I have learned one thing worth mentioning. There is one huge difference in my life from before, one vital piece of evidence. For once in my life I want to go home.

What bad timing to realize such a thing. The biggest irony of all."

from page six, There's No Place Like Here

Close your eyes and chant with me, dear readers: "There's no place like here... There's no place like here... There's no place like here... THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HERE!" And poof, magically we're transported here.
There's No Place Like Here by Cecelia Ahern is... there are so many words to describe this book. The story and characters are unique, creative, original and unusual. They are sometimes hilarious and, a…


The movie stars Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans and Rose Byrne and five other actors, but those were the ones that I recognized in previews before viewing the film. I also happen to be a Chris Evans fan, and, admittedly, he was the main reason for checking out the movie. This movie has a very small cast... There are only eight characters in most of the film, and it takes place on board one space ship. These two factors make for a pretty contained film and contribute to a slightly claustrophobic feeling throughout the film. I mean, would you want to be confined with the same eight people for about four or five years on one ship travelling to the sun and, hopefully, back to earth again? I don't think I would. Okay, maybe if the fate of the earth and all mankind depended upon it, then maybe I would. But I would have to think long and hard about this.The sun is dying and once our closest star dies, so will we, mankind, and all life on earth. In a risky move, the earth (I'm ass…

The Invasion

The Invasion stars Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, and Jeffrey Wright.

A space shuttle crash brings to earth an insidious alien infection that turns its victims into emotionless shells of the human beings they once were. Once a human is infected, the virus lies dormant until its victim falls asleep. When they wake up, they are not themselves any longer. Kidman plays Carol, a psychiatrist, who struggles to avoid infection, reunite with her son, solve the mystery of the infection and find a cure/antidote. She has her work cut out for her. Will she survive? Will she find a cure?

This movie is scary, creepy, twisty, heart pounding, and suspenseful; you'll keep guessing about the fates of Carol, her son and the world almost up to the very end of the film. Be forewarned: there is a gross factor to this movie. The aliens infect their human hosts by spewing snot and mucus into their faces and mouths or spitting it into the coffee they then serve their unwitting guests. Ew!

This movie …