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Sons of Liberty: episode 2

I just want you all to know that every time I type the title of this mini-series for the blog post title, I always type "Sons of Library."  So I think that should be the title of History Channel's next mini-series.

Episode 2: The Uprising

The Boston Tea Party commences when Sam Adams and friends seize a British ship and proceed to dump its cargo in Boston Harbor.  In retaliation the British prime minister back in London, despite Ben Franklin's futile ministrations on behalf of Boston, dispatches the "cancer" otherwise known as General Gage to Boston with more troops to bring the city to heel.

After relieving the governor of his duties in Boston and putting the city under military rule (for all intents and purposes really), Gage attempts to placate the Sam Adams problem by buying the man off.  This fails miserably, and so Gage decides the next best thing is to send a message to the city and its citizens by publicly flogging a man caught stealing.  In anothe…

Sons of Liberty: episode 1

Episode 1: A Dangerous Game

The British have put out an arrest warrant for Samuel Adams, tax collector, because he hasn't been collecting taxes.  That is, rather than put his friends out of their homes or businesses or throw them in jail when they can't afford to pay, he lets it slide.  And now the British want their money and have come to Sam to collect the debt.  Instead Sam leads his would be captors on a wild chase through the streets and over the roof tops of colonial Boston eventually eluding them when a mob of colonials chases the British regulars back to the governor's mansion.  The soldiers grab up the governor and skedaddle before the mob descends on the mansion.  And so begins Boston's ever escalating British problems.

Following the failed arrest of Sam Adams and the ensuing debacle that ended with the mob taking apart the governor's mansion, the governor decides to approach the Sam Adams problem from a different angle.  The governor reaches out to the v…

Sons of Liberty

It's been a while since my last post.  I took two classes this summer, and I didn't really have a lot of time to read anything other than class assignments, especially after the second class started.  I've been reading the same book since May and have picked that one back up after the end of the second class.  So there will be a review for that one eventually.

I recently watched History channel's mini-series, Sons of Liberty (for which I've now typed 'Sons of Library' twice).  Prior to Sons of Liberty I watched the movie Seventh Son, which stars Ben Barnes (of Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia fame) as the apprentice and seventh son of a seventh son of the title.  Ben Barnes also stars in this mini-series as Sam Adams.   Anyway some people watch this mini-series and are all 'so many errors--it's so bad.'  People.  I realize History channel didn't advertise this fact (it sounds like they buried it a little bit), but it's a mini…