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The Crimson Field: Episodes 3 & 4

Episode 3

Major Yellin has it in for Captain Gillan because Gillan is Scottish, has a lovely accent, and is uncivilized and barbarous by virtue of his low, Scottish birth.  Yellin is so determined in his campaign of harassment that he interferes with the care of one of Gillan's patients, and the two men almost come to blows over dinner, but Yellin backs down and runs with his tail between his legs to file a complaint with Lt. Col. Brett, who runs the field hospital.  Luckily Capt. Hesketh-Thorne has Gillan's back and is waiting up at dawn for Brett at his office to defend Gillan.  Meanwhile, Matron Carter cares for a man headed for certain death following his court martial for cowardice (though it's uncertain whether his injuries actually were self inflicted).  And Nurse Livesey's secret is (half) revealed to the wrong person.  While Flora ferrets out the orderly corporal's secret and warns him to be careful.

Episode 4

Just when Captain Gillan finally arranges a date on the down low with Kitty, she's unexpectedly summoned to town on personal business, and she is forced to stand him up.  Kitty is in her own private hell while on tenterhooks leading up to this meeting during the car ride to town with Captain Hesketh-Thorne because the man won't shut up.  Sister Quayle's vindictive misdeed from episode 1 comes back to bite her in the ass with tragic consequences for the soldier caught in the middle of her power struggle.  Kitty's secret is revealed (mostly; I still have questions about what exactly happened because I don't believe her estranged husband's accusations of infidelity) when her domestic drama with dangerous overtones follows her to France and threatens to suck her back in.  It also torpedoes her not quite fledgling romance with Gillan because she cannot risk being sent home, which is what will happen if their romance is found out.

My thoughts:

I hope a bomb drops on the casualty hospital to which Major Yellin is transferred; and heaven help the poor souls who are now saddled with him.

Will Capt. H-T still be Gillan's BFF when he finds out about Gillan (and his typewriter) + Kitty = 4eva?  Also H-T may be a flirt, but he's a good bloke.

Flora isn't as naive as people think she is; she's got stones.

Everyone on this show has secrety secrets.  EVERY. ONE.

Finally H-T gives up on Kitty; but he's a good bloke so he still comes to her aid when she needs rescue from her abusive, arrogant, entitled ex which serves to form a (platonic) bond between Kitty and H-T.  Also I think there's more to Kitty's secret than meets the eye, but I don't think we'll find it out because this series got cancelled, and it did a crap job developing its regular characters.

Matron Carter is smart, and finally FINALLY grows some balls in her dealings with Sister Quayle.

--Reviewed by Ms. Angie


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